– is flexible

– is water-resistant

– is breathable

– has a leather-like touch


– is usually not waterproof, except for the line “Piñatex Performance”


I have the feeling, this company is truly trying to make their product sustainable. Even though their product is not compostable yet, I believe it is a good project to support.

Visite Ananas Anam here.


Please be aware that Piñatex is only available in form of a finished product and not as a fiber itself.

Developed by Dr. Carmen Hijosa in the late 1990s, Piñatex is an alternative to leather and is categorized as a manufactured natural polymer cellulose material. It is made from cellulose fibers extracted from pineapple leaves, which are then processed into a felt and then treated with PLA (polylactic acid) and petroleum-based resin. The raw material is waste from pineapple farming intended for consumption, therefore no additional land is used, nor are fertilizers, pesticides or heavy metals in use that are common in animal leather based productions.

Piñatex is manufactured and distributed exclusively by Dr. Hijosa’s company “Ananas Anam”. The felt is produced in the Philippines, whereas the chemical treatment takes place in Italy and Spain.

Piñatex is presently not yet biodegradable but it is circular and can therefore be recycled. Ananas Anam is working on replacing the synthetic part in production to provide a compostable material as an alternative.