– is soft and light

– is breathable

– is wrinkle-resistant

– has good moisture absorption

– is biodegradable

– is handmade and therefore small scale production quantities

– is naturally stain-resistant


– higher cost


Use material that has been produced under good working conditions and fair wages.


Lotus is a natural cellulose bast fiber. Lotus is recognized by its naturally soft, light and especially breathable characteristics and is almost wrinkle-free in its use. For centuries countries like Thailand or Myanmar have used the lotus fiber.

What makes lotus such a luxurious fabric is that the process is extremely time-consuming and complicated, which makes the fabric rather expensive. Lotus fabrics are usually handmade and made in very scale production quantities.

Lotus like other fabrics listed does not need pesticides or insecticides during production.

Untreated lotus is compostable. Things like dye, toxic chemicals, blended fibers, and trims can hinder its compostability.