– has a second skin effect when worn

– has a substantial stretch ratio

– has high resiliency

– is extremely waterproof


– can trigger allergic reactions


Go for socially- and sustainably certified rubber from transparent companies.

Rubber / Latex

Latex, which modifies into rubber, is categorized as a manufactured, natural polymer. It originates in the Amazon rainforest, where it’s obtained from the caoutchouc tree. Although latexes are found in nature, synthetic forms of latex are common as well.

Latex is won by making incisions in the tree bark and collecting the fluid in vessels. This process is known as “tapping”. It’s tapped as milky fluid, that then coagulates when exposed to oxygen.

It has been noted that social problems can occur, due to sinking market prices, which consequently then lead to extremely poor working conditions. The use of toxic chemicals, which sometimes are in use, also leads to environmental problems.

It takes a long time to do so, but natural rubber is biodegradable. The addition of certain chemicals during production can hinder its biodegradability.