– is thick

– is durable

– is waterproof

– is antibacterial


– is rough to the touch

– is difficult to dye


Ensure that the retting process is environmentally friendly and that the laborers are protected from dust during the production process.


Coir or Coco Fibers are natural cellulose seed hairs that are extracted from the coconut husk. It originates in India and has been used for over 2000 years, mostly as ropes and cords. Nowadays though most fibers are exported from Sri Lanka.

Coir is a renewable source, although it is often compromised through the use of pesticides and fertilizers. Furthermore, its retting can often be hazardous if not done responsibly. Additionally, during the processing of the coconut fibers dust may develop which may cause respiratory difficulties for the laborers.

Untreated coir is compostable. Things like dye, toxic chemicals, blended fibers and trims can hinder its compostability.