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“fiberstorm” is a research project on sustainability in fashion and design, published on the website The website corresponds to a toolbox that offers help and inspiration for a sustainable way of working, since the sourcing of socially responsible and environmentally friendly materials is still considered “too complicated” today. This toolbox is intended to help simplify the process of obtaining information and provide guidance to those who wish to dive into the topic.

“fiberstorm” includes a material archive of sustainable textiles, offers tips for a responsible way of designing, and information about materials and their different properties. The basis for this is the “fiberstorm” manifesto, which takes an in-depth look at the topic of sustainability and breaks it down into its various components.

In addition to the freely accessible information on the website, there is the possibility to attend consulting sessions and workshops at “fiberstorm”, with the aim of implementing sustainable approaches in projects and companies.

The focus of “fiberstorm” is sustainability education – mainly for fashion and textile designers. In addition to the information on the website and the consulting sessions, this is also achieved via podcasts, which, in addition to an educational purpose, also function as advertising for “fiberstorms” consulting services.

Why a Crowdfundning?

It is important that at no point a financial dependency on the textile industry arises, because “fiberstorm” would then lose the independence that is necessary to fully and critically analyze companies, to classify their practices as sustainable depending on the circumstances, and to subsequently represent this rating credibly in public.

For this reason, the planned funding is based on a monetary start-up through crowdfunding and is then intended to be self-sustaining in the long term with the consulting services and lectures.

It is “fiberstorms” fundamental goal to generate and increase revenue, but this is continuously reinvested in the sense of a circular economic model – be it in additional professionals with complementary expertise as well as for the implementation of further projects and prevention campaigns, for example at schools. The ongoing scaling of activities makes financial planning flexible and gives “fiberstorm” more flexibility to react quickly and easily to effective revenues in the first two years of operation.


Since the launch of fiberstorm I plan to further expand this toolbox and still make it available for free. Therefore, fiberstorm will become a consulting company offering paid consultations, coachings and lectures in the field of sustainability and fashion for designers, students and schools. My goal is to cross-finance the website in this way. The know-how, potential customers and a concept are already there. What is still missing is the start-up capital. Therefore I turn to you, because to start with this offer I need your help. If the financing and implementation of the foundation of the LLC is successful, fiberstorm can continue to be used by designers worldwide to make their collections more sustainable. But that’s not all: I’m also planning a podcast for designers as well as consumers, the establishment of a newsletter with current events and news, and a blog.
In addition, I plan to further deepen my expertise at my own expense with a five-month educational trip and a master’s degree starting in 2023, because I am convinced that we all never stop learning. These trainings will enable me to qualitatively perfect my offer, as well as to expand my worldwide network and make it available.


In order for fiberstorm to build on a good foundation with a realistic financial planning, I calculate with 60’000 CHF start-up capital:


– 2’500 CHF administrative fees for founding a limited company

– 5’000 CHF investment in technical equipment

– 30’000 CHF wages in the first year

– 8’500 CHF fixed costs first year (website fees, trademark protection, accounting, etc)

– 14’000 CHF website development


Half of this is already organized: Equity and private interest-free loan. For the still missing 30’000 CHF I am depending on your help.

Educational trip

After much theoretical research, it is time for me to match my knowledge with reality. The educational journey starts in India (focus on cotton, silk, faborg, kapok and handicraft), continues in Mexico (focus on handicraft and natural fibers) and Peru (focus on alpaca) and ends in Brazil (focus on material innovations and rubber).

In addition, it is planned for me to give a free workshop at design schools in each of the different countries – thus I will learn about the necessities and obstacles related to sustainable design in other countries and the students will get input on alternative design approaches.

The trip will be accompanied by local film makers, respectively partially filmed by myself, so that a documentary of my search for sustainable fibers, truth and craftsmanship can be created to share with you afterwards. For updates throughout the journey, sign up for the newsletter. If that’s not enough for you, there are also crowdfunding goodies that will give you a more in-depth look at my activities and findings.

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«I, Mara Rodriguez, am committed to make the world a better place», so endet das fiberstorm-Manifest. Und obwohl das ein grosses Ziel ist, führt mich dieses Motto weiter, spornt mich an, mehr und Besseres zu bewirken. Und eins ist für mich ganz klar: Es müssen nicht einige wenige alles perfekt machen, sondern wir alle es einfach ein kleines bisschen besser. Ich träume von einer Welt, in der nicht die Bio-Baumwolle, sondern die mit Pestiziden verseuchte Baumwolle gekennzeichnet ist, in der die Leute am anderen Ende der Welt nicht für unseren Überkonsum ausgebeutet werden und in der nicht Lügen und Halbwahrheiten, sondern Transparenz siegt. Ich bin bereit mich mit vollem Einsatz zu engagieren, damit wir Mode wieder mit mehr Freude begegnen können! Und du? Bist du bereit, mich dabei zu unterstützen?

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